How many passives do you accept?

Income Passive Just save your coins and do click on ads every day for 24 hours, you can potentially earn income of 1 -3% per day The more you often do click ads, the more big reward you get


Deposits can be made using: 1. Miracle Coin (MRC) 2. Bitalgo (ALG) 3. AVA (AVC)


In the world of cryptocurrency coins can be obtained with 2 main technologies that we often hear about POW (Proof Of Work) or the process of mining for coins (Maining) and POS (Proof of Stake) or the process of depositing coins with MASTERNODE technology, namely mining from POS which can…

What is Smart Click?

Smart Clicks is a platform combines cryptocurency with Advertising Media as the source income. Smart Clicks is a new breakthrough welcoming the Industrial Era 4.0 as well as providing income opportunities in the Digital Economy World